Franchise opportunities

Surprice Car Rentals has created and maintain an eco-system that delivers an enabling environment for professionals to exploit new opportunities or expand their existing car rental activity: the Surprice Franchise OpportunitiesA unique brand umbrella of dynamically growing reputation and image, is taking over the responsibility to market the service worldwide, through travel & tourism events, exhibitions and through online connectivity with the most popular online brokers and widespread distribution systems. It is available in many countries under the franchise model in car rental.

The Surprice Franchise Advantage

The system is devoted and focused on providing training and assistance, valuable advice and guidance in order to enable local car rental franchises to fully allocate their efforts towards their local market.

Key Benefits of Surprice Car Rentals Franchise

Surprice Car Rentals is looking to establish longterm partnerships with existing rental operations in certain areas or with entrepreneurs of high car rental experience; getting into Surprice Car Rentals brand, a whole suite of functions, services and procedures becomes a powerful environment for prosperous business and wealth. The following advantages for car rental activities will not be a matter of individual investment by a franchise partner, but will be provided by Surprice Car Rental organization:

  • The franchise will appear within all online Internet car rental channels; a continuous process supports car rental sales expansion over the globe

  • Linkage to worldwide distribution systems that bring the car rental service worldwide, including the franchisees operations

  • A fully trained team of car rental experts that provide support, advice and training on car rental operations

  • Assuring Low-cost operations, which in turn allow cheaper car rental offerings and competitive rates at franchise’s areas

  • Fully documented ICT operations that facilitate car rental procedures and management

  • Use and Promotion of the Surprice Car Rentals logos, labels and names; an acknowledgeable uniform image across countries frames locally any car rental franchise activity

  • Own Profit Maximization through your own price-list management support by car rental observatory

Unique Benefits for Franchise Partners

Extensive training is the first step – Upon agreement to become Surprice Car Rental franchise, a series of training sessions will commence that will drive the partnership towards efficiency within daily operations and informed decision management.
The car rental service, the customer service and the quality standards towards a uniform and high level quality, financials and pricing, sales procedures, fleet management, insurance options and IT applications are among the most important chapters covered.
Surprice’s training aims to bring franchise partners to the highest level of readiness and conformance to support a worldwide vision through our franchise opportunities.

IT Infrastructure and Global Web Presence

IT is the core – Information and communication systems are within the operational core of Surprice franchises network. Day to day operations, data analysis and forecasting are continuously being enriched to secure transactions, achieve responsive competiveness, facilitate planning and accelerate growth.
Surprice Car Rental global website,, is targeting users who want to get directly online car services by Surprice Car Rental. Each country level franchise is getting its own local Surprice Cars domain space and web site.

The Trust in Team and Mission

Team is the trust – Surprice Car Rental mission remains to grow our partner’s business. Franchises within Surprice umbrella are at the centre of operations, in order to maximize sales and optimize procedures.
Network of franchises is supported continuously by Surprice Car Rental team powered by their skills and the supporting technologies. They are always available to provide vital operation assistance as well as information for decision management support: statistical reporting & financial analysis, fleet management, dynamic pricing, sales efficiency indicators, competition observatory.

How to Join Surprice Cars Franchise

To express your will and interest towards becoming a Surprice Cars franchise, please send us the relevant form. Upon receiving your request and following a successful review, you will be invited to discuss with Surprice Car Rental team in order to present you our franchise policy and give the opportunity to further assess Surprice Car Rental proposal and the underlying franchise opportunities at your area.

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