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Welcome to Surprice Car Rental

Surprice Car Rentals is a constantly growing car rental brand, which has as priority to provide quality services at affordable rates and flexible terms and conditions, combined with real 24 hours support. This has established us as one of the most competitive companies in the market. We are very clear on the terms and conditions of our rentals, with no hidden costs and many offers for our loyal customers and cooperators.

  Our fleet is consisted of a variety of car groups, serving all requirements and needs. Our personnel are very well trained, always willing to go the extra mile in order to help our customers to feel like home! We pay great attention to our after sales service, by investing on our customer care department and the so called “repeaters”. Our vision is to become one of the world leaders in the rent a car industry and we are fighting towards this mission with honesty, consciousness, professionalism and very hard work.

A Fast Growing Car Network

Powered by high expertise, enthusiasm, technology and team spirit

Over the last years, Surprice Car Rentals keeps expanding across countries and regions worldwide.
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A Unique Sales Point

Based on market observatory provided by skillful car rental professionals

Getting the best value – price ratio in the car rental market. Available through online brokers worldwide.

An Ongoing Path Of Growth

Powered by advanced order management & operations support system

Surprice Car Rentals consistently follows its investment plan, improving service quality standards while preserving healthy financials.
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Surprice Car Rental’s Commitment To Charity

Surprice Car Rentals is proud to be partnered with the registered charity: Floga Parents’ Association of Children with cancer.

We invite our customers to join us in supporting this special charity.

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Floga Parents’ Association of Children with cancer – Charity Profile

We are standing by the children suffering from cancer and their families. Through our planned actions, we support the operation of the oncology departments within children’s hospitals and we assist in the treatment of childhood cancer.

Floga, the Parents’ Association of Children with Cancer, was established in 1982 at Panagiotis and Aglaia Kyriakou General Children’s Hospital of Athens by a handful of parents with children suffering from cancer. Floga is a non-profit organization (NPO).

These days, Floga has thousands of families across Greece under its wings, with offices and representatives in nearly all regions of the country.

The Floga Mission

  • To stand by children suffering from cancer and their families.
  • To fight for better medical, mental and social care for them.
  • To share their fears and concerns, and to support their fight any way we can.
Floga key targets

  • Establish an institutional framework that governs the hospitalisation of children.
  • Train paediatricians at the oncology departments.
  • Care for adolescents at children’s hospitals.
  • Provide psychological support to families.
  • Give clear and honest information to parents.
  • Offer social care.
  • Raise public awareness about childhood cancer.

Floga is a non-profit organization (NPO).

The administrative and financial audit of the Association is performed annually by Deloitte certified public accountants.